Customer acquisition is difficult. 

We can help.

We help SaaS businesses acquire customers through outbound sales

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What is Up Up Grow?

Up Up Grow is a “done for you” customer acquisition service for SaaS companies. We work with you to create an ideal customer profile. Then we build lead lists based on that profile and write email templates that convert cold leads into prospects (appointments with people interested in your product).

Our team handles all of the list building, data entry, and emailing so that you can focus on closing.

The result: massive growth in monthly recurring revenue for your business.

We’ve helped our customers scale from zero to $1 million in annual recurring revenue

Using our proven cold email templates and scalable lead generation strategy we’ve helped companies hit aggressive growth targets.

Here’s how it works

Step One

We work with you to build a (data-driven) ideal customer profile

We’ll review your current customer list to identify common characteristics. Then using this data we’ll create a demographic and behavioral customer profile. This will help us understand what prospects to email and what value proposition to use in our outreach templates. 

Step Two

We’ll build a list of leads

Next we’ll build a highly targeted lead lists that includes data like the prospect’s name, email, company name, domain, industry, company size, and other important information. Then we’ll identify “triggers” that we can use to reach out to prospects at the perfect time to maximize your conversion rate. 

Step Three

We’ll write email templates (and subject lines) that convert

Using industry best practices and our experience working with more than 100 companies we’ll write email templates that get 60%+ open rates and 10%+ response rates. We’ll also use the data from our lead lists to personalize the messages. The result: a scalable outreach process that converts cold leads into prospects.

Step Four

An account manager will manage your outreach campaigns

Once we’ve written email templates and built a list of leads we’ll begin outreach. After getting your approval each email will be sent from your domain so that it appears that each cold email is a personalized message from your sales representative. Then when leads respond we’ll set up appointments on your calendar. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the warm leads to come to your door.

I will clean your office for a day – Money Back Guarantee!!!

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We believe in the power of analytics and data


The great management thinker Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” We use data to measure all of our activity and maximize your revenue growth.

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