Are you still struggling with your conversions? Does customer acquisition seem very hard? If you feel it has anything to do with your email copy? You are in the right place. I have struggled with this for many years myself and now along with my team have developed a strategy of developing a successful customer copy, which is perfect for.

I have tested it multiple times with different brands across the globe and have been successful 100 percent times. Today I am going to share the secret juices to my customer copy that I send to almost all my client’s prospects.

Hi, I am Damian, the founder of and these are the very golden rules that I follow almost all the time I start sending out emails to any prospects. There are a lot of things to take away, so stick around while we start to begin learning the acquisition process:

Fundamentals of User Acquisition:

I believe if you are not certain of any of these two factors before starting out on a new campaign, failure is certain.

  • Know Your Audience
  • Know Your Goal

As I am really certain of the fact, I decided to share it before we begin.

You must be aware of your audience and how they signed up for your email newsletter. The other important thing is the goal of your campaign, which simply means what action you want users to finally take.

As now you are aware of the fundamentals of user acquisition, we can move further to see the tips that you can implement on your ongoing campaigns to see a turn around of events.

Write a Killer Subject Line: Your subject line decides sometimes that your email is going to be opened, deleted or something even worse. Piece of advice, relate to the topic, don’t sound cheesy, don’t alarm the spam filters, and if all goes well try to make it interesting enough to make people want to open.

Nail the Preview Text: With the modern email providers, the email preview comes with subject as well as some extra text from the body of the mail. There are no spam filters reading this, so you are free to use your imagination to try and generate more user interest.

Don’t shout; It’s Spammy!: Avoid All Caps subject lines and in the body of the mail. These are one of the biggest spam filter alarm along with those having spam keywords like sales, free, offer, etc.

Write Email Marketing Copy for Readers: Try and make a copy which seems like knowledgeable while also making a user feel that someone is talking to him rather than he is reading a book.

Use Psychology in Email Marketing Strategy: As a human being our body is wired to react to things in a certain way. Try and use some in your next email copy:

  • Fear of missing out
  • Color choice for the call to action
  • Social proof to indulge a sense of trust

Be Relevant: Segment your audience as more as you can, and send them the email they should be getting.  An older subscriber getting a signup email is just going to ruin a prospect.

Get Personal with Your Email Marketing Campaign: This part does not only include adding receivers’ name in your email copy but also reminding them how exactly you came to know them. This further enhances the sense of trust. You can achieve this by simply saying “Thanks for filling the form at XYZ product page, great to have you on board”.

Let Readers Get to Know You: With multiple A/B tests, I have concluded that a campaign sent by a person’s name performs way better than an email sent by a company’s handle.  Next time you start a campaign, send it by your name and also add your name as the sender. User will straight away know who has sent them the email.

Reward Your Readers: You can reward your subscribers for opening your email. This can include a free PDF, recorded webinar or a simple list of some tools you like and use. This will help people engage with you, but the trick here is to lure people to keep receiving your emails for more free stuff while you prepare them to buy your product.

Draw your campaign: With the goal in sight visualization of the various paths, loophole users might skip from, sales copy emails, free product counts, etc should be pre-built. Once you start a campaign you must always know which stage a user is currently in.

So these were the top tips I would say you can incorporate in your campaigns today and expect to see the positive result before the first batch of your subscriber completes your campaign.

Good Luck,